1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets: Engaging Resources

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First grade social studies worksheets cover topics like U.S. History, symbols, national holidays, and other cultures. Students explore family, community, economics, civics, history, and geography through engaging resources.

These educational materials help children develop a basic understanding of the world around them.

1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets: Engaging Resources

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Introduction To First Grade Social Studies

Explore the world with first-grade social studies worksheets! Help your students understand important historical events, symbols, holidays, and different cultures. These engaging resources cover U. S. history, world history, civics, geography, and more.

Exploring Past, Present, And Future

First-grade social studies introduces young students to the concepts of time – past, present, and future. Through engaging activities and worksheets, children learn about historical events, the world they live in today, and possibilities for tomorrow.

Important Events In United States History

Students delve into key events that shaped the history of the United States. From learning about the Declaration of Independence to exploring figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, first graders gain a foundational understanding of their country’s past.

Symbols And Their Meanings

Symbols play a significant role in society, and first-grade social studies teaches children about the meanings behind various symbols. Students explore the significance of the American flag, national anthem, and other symbols that represent values and ideals.

National Holidays

First graders discover the importance of national holidays and celebrations in the United States. From Memorial Day to Thanksgiving, students learn about the history and traditions surrounding these special days that bring people together.

Exploring Other Cultures And Time Periods

In addition to American history, first-grade social studies exposes students to different cultures and time periods around the world. Through multicultural activities and lessons, children broaden their perspectives and develop an appreciation for diversity.

1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets: Engaging Resources

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Themes In First Grade Social Studies

1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets

As first graders embark on their social studies journey, they explore various themes that lay the foundation for their understanding of the world around them. These themes provide a glimpse into family and community dynamics, as well as the importance of living and working together harmoniously.

Family And Community

In first grade social studies, children learn about the significance of family and community. They delve into the roles and relationships that exist within families and communities, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in society.

Living And Working Together

Another essential theme in first grade social studies is living and working together. Students explore how individuals collaborate and contribute to society, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and unity for a prosperous community.

Engaging Resources For First Grade Social Studies

As young minds begin to explore the world around them, first grade social studies activities play a crucial role in introducing important concepts such as history, culture, government, and geography. These engaging resources not only help students develop a basic understanding of their society and the world at large, but also foster a sense of curiosity and exploration. In this article, we will explore a variety of topics that make up first grade social studies, including U.S. History, World History, Civil Rights, Government and Elections, Geography, and Cultures and Traditions.

U.s. History

Learning about U.S. History is an essential part of a first grader’s social studies education. Through interactive worksheets and activities, students can engage with significant events and figures that have shaped the United States. They can explore topics such as the American Revolution, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the struggles of early settlers.

World History

Introducing first graders to world history allows them to develop a global perspective and understand different cultures and time periods. Worksheets and resources on ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Rome, and China, provide opportunities for students to delve into the wonders of the past.

Civil Rights

Teaching first graders about civil rights is crucial in developing their understanding of equality, justice, and diversity. Worksheets and activities on civil rights movements, such as the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Cesar Chavez, expose students to the ongoing struggle for equal rights and inspire them to make a positive impact in their own communities.

Government And Elections

First graders can begin to grasp the basic concepts of government and elections through engaging resources. Worksheets on the branches of government, the importance of voting, and the role of the president help students understand their role as active citizens in a democratic society.


Geography introduces first graders to the world around them, helping them understand the relationship between people and their environment. Worksheets on maps, continents, oceans, and landmarks enable students to develop spatial awareness and gain a fundamental understanding of different regions of the world.

Cultures And Traditions

Exploring cultures and traditions from around the world exposes first graders to diverse perspectives and promotes acceptance and appreciation of different backgrounds. Worksheets and activities on holidays, customs, and traditions offer an opportunity for students to celebrate and learn about the rich cultural heritage of our global community.

1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets: Engaging Resources

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First Grade Social Studies Worksheets

First Grade Social Studies Worksheets are a valuable resource to introduce young learners to essential concepts in history, geography, and civic education. Through these engaging resources, kids will learn about U.S. history, world history, government and elections, and diverse cultures and traditions. Common first-grade social studies themes include family and community, fostering an understanding of how we can live and work together. The content in these worksheets is relatable for kids, enabling them to develop basic skills in economics, civics, history, and geography.

Reading A Map

Reading a Map is an essential skill for first graders as they begin to understand the basic elements of geography. These worksheets provide an interactive way for kids to learn how to read and interpret maps, including understanding symbols, directions, and scale, promoting spatial awareness and critical thinking.

Position And Direction

Position and Direction worksheets help kids comprehend their spatial environment, teaching them about different directions, such as left, right, up, and down. Through these activities, kids develop a foundational understanding of spatial relationships and basic navigation skills, fostering their cognitive development.


The Coloring activities in social studies worksheets encourage kids to express their creativity while learning about cultural symbols, historical landmarks, and important figures. These engaging coloring exercises promote artistic expression and reinforce the concepts being taught, making learning more enjoyable for first graders.

Seasonal Themes

Seasonal Themes in social studies worksheets allow kids to explore and understand the different traditions and celebrations associated with various seasons and holidays. Through these activities, kids gain insight into cultural diversity, fostering empathy and an appreciation for different traditions and customs.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

When teaching 1st-grade social studies, it’s essential to have a variety of resources to engage young learners and help them absorb the material effectively. Here are some additional resources to enhance your curriculum:

Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets

Online worksheets provide interactive learning experiences for kids, making social studies more engaging and fun. These digital resources offer a mix of activities, quizzes, and games that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Printable Worksheets

Printable Worksheets

Printable worksheets are great for hands-on learning and can be easily distributed to students in the classroom. These worksheets cover a wide range of topics, including U.S. history, world history, geography, and more, allowing students to practice essential skills at their own pace.

Social Studies Worksheets by Grade Level

Social Studies Worksheets By Grade Level

Whether you’re looking for specific 1st-grade social studies worksheets or resources for other grade levels, there are numerous options available to align with your curriculum. With materials tailored to each grade level, teachers can effectively cater to the learning needs of their students.

Frequently Asked Questions For 1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets

What Should 1st Graders Know In Social Studies?

First graders should know basic concepts of past, present, and future, important events in US history, symbols, national holidays, and diversity in other cultures and time periods in social studies.

What Do 1st Graders Learn In Social Studies Worksheets?

In first grade social studies worksheets, kids learn about U. S. history, symbols, national holidays, and other cultures.

What Is The Topic Of Grade 1 Social Studies?

In first grade social studies, students explore topics like important events in US history, symbols and their meanings, national holidays, and other cultures and time periods. They also learn about family, community, economics, civics, history, and geography.

What Are The Themes For First Grade Social Studies?

Themes for first grade social studies cover family and community, economics, civics, history, and geography. Students explore events in U. S. history, national holidays, societal symbols, and cultural diversity. This engaging subject helps children learn about living and working together in society.


In first grade social studies, students explore important topics such as United States history, symbols and their meanings, national holidays, and other cultures and time periods. Through engaging worksheets and resources, children can develop their understanding of U. S. History, world history, civil rights, government and elections, geography, and cultures and traditions.

These fun and relatable activities help students develop basic skills in economics, civics, history, and geography. By using these first grade social studies worksheets, children can broaden their understanding of the world around them and have fun while doing it.

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