March Art Projects for Kindergarten Kids

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March art projects for kindergarten can include rainbow fish crafts and shamrock stamping activities. These projects are perfect for celebrating spring and St. Patrick’s Day.

As we move into March, it’s time to start thinking about creative and engaging art projects for kindergarteners. This time of year is perfect for celebrating spring, while also incorporating fun St. Patrick’s Day themes into art projects. From rainbow fish crafts to shamrock stamping, there are plenty of possibilities for making march art projects exciting and interactive.

Engaging in art projects can help children develop important fine motor skills, explore their creativity, and practice expressing themselves through art. In this article, we’ll explore a few easy and fun art project ideas that are perfect for kindergarteners.

March Art Projects for Kindergarten Kids

March Art Project Ideas For Kindergarten Kids

March is the perfect time to engage kindergarten kids with creative art projects that can enhance their motor and cognitive skills. For a fun start, gather some art supplies, including paint, paper, glue, scissors, and markers. Begin with a simple spring flower collage by cutting flower shapes and leaves from paper and sticking them onto a colorful background.

Next, create rainbow-colored pinwheel windmills that spin in the breeze by decorating the paper with crayons, then attaching it to a straw and a cardboard cutout. Another exciting idea is creating handprint chicks by painting the palm and fingers yellow and the thumb orange, then pressing it onto paper and adding eyes, beak, and feet with a marker.

Allow kids to customize and personalize the projects to enhance their creativity. Completing art projects provides numerous benefits, including enhanced fine motor skills, self-confidence, creativity, and improved memory.

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March Art Projects for Kindergarten Kids

March is a wonderful time to engage kindergarten kids in creative art projects that celebrate the arrival of spring and encourage their artistic skills. These ten art projects are designed specifically for young children, fostering their imagination, fine motor skills, and artistic expression.

Each project provides an opportunity for children to explore different art techniques and mediums, while also having fun. Let’s dive into the exciting world of art with these March-themed projects!

  1. Paper Plate Rainbows:
    Create vibrant rainbows using paper plates and colorful construction paper. Kindergarten kids can cut out semicircles from different colors of paper and glue them onto the curved edge of the plate. This project allows children to learn about colors and the order of the rainbow.
  2. Cherry Blossom Trees:
    Celebrate the beauty of spring by making cherry blossom trees. Kids can use their fingers or sponge stamps dipped in pink and white paint to create blossoms on a tree trunk cut out from brown construction paper. Encourage them to add a blue background to represent the sky.
  3. Collage Kites:
    Let the wind carry the creativity of kindergarten kids with this collage kite-project. Provide them with colored construction paper, tissue paper, feathers, and ribbons to create their own unique kites. They can cut out different shapes, glue them onto the paper, and attach ribbons at the bottom for tails.
  4. Vegetable Print Stamping:
    Explore the world of printmaking using vegetables. Cut vegetables like potatoes or bell peppers in half to create stamps. Dip the vegetable stamps into paint and press them onto paper to create interesting patterns and designs.
  5. March Madness Basketball Art:
    Combine art with sports by creating basketball-themed art. Kids can use orange and brown construction paper to make basketballs and basketball hoops. They can then decorate the basketballs with crayons, markers, or colored pencils and glue them onto the hoops.
  6. Stained Glass Raindrops:
    Bring the rainy weather of March to life with stained glass raindrops. Cut out raindrop shapes from black construction paper and provide kids with colorful tissue paper. They can tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces and glue them inside the raindrop shapes to create a vibrant stained glass effect.
  7. Handprint Flowers:
    Capture the essence of spring by creating handprint flowers. Kids can dip their hands in different colors of paint and press them onto paper to create flower petals. They can then use their fingers or paintbrushes to add stems and leaves. Encourage them to create a bouquet of handprint flowers.
  8. Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppets:
    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with paper bag leprechaun puppets. Provide kids with paper bags, construction paper, markers, and googly eyes. They can decorate the bags to resemble leprechauns, adding hats, beards, and clothing. Once the puppets are complete, children can put on a puppet show!
  9. Tissue Paper Windsocks:
    Create colorful windsocks to hang and watch them dance in the wind. Cut the bottom off a paper cup and have kids decorate the cup with markers or paint. Then, glue strips of colorful tissue paper to the bottom of the cup to create streamers. Attach a string to hang the windsock.
  10. Thumbprint Shamrocks:
    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making thumbprint shamrocks. Kids can dip their thumbs in green paint and create thumbprints in the shape of shamrocks on paper. Encourage them to add stems and decorate the surrounding space with additional artwork or messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Easy Art Projects For Kindergarten Students In March?

One easy project is a handprint leprechaun or a rainbow collage using construction paper. Another option is to make paper flowers or kites to welcome spring.

How Can Art Projects Promote Learning In Kindergarten Students?

Art projects help develop fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, and critical thinking. They also enhance language development and social skills, as children communicate and collaborate on projects.

What Materials Are Suitable For March Art Projects In Kindergarten?

Materials could include green and gold paint, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, and items found outside such as sticks, flowers, and leaves.

How Can Kindergarten Teachers Incorporate Seasonal Themes Into Art Projects?

Teachers can use seasonal colors, symbols, and images in their projects. For example, they could create St. Patrick’s Day crafts or spring-themed artwork with bunnies, birds, and flowers.

What Are The Benefits Of Art Projects During March For Kindergarten Students?

March art projects can help children celebrate the change of seasons, holidays, and cultural events. They can also expose students to new concepts and ideas while encouraging creativity and self-expression.


By encouraging children to experiment with different art techniques, materials, and textures, march art projects for kindergarten can enhance their creativity, imagination, and motor skills. Whether it is finger painting, paper crafting, or using recycled materials, art projects can help children express themselves, discover their abilities and interests, and develop their self-confidence.

Moreover, through art, children can also learn about various cultures, traditions, and histories, expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world. As teachers and parents, it is important to provide opportunities for children to explore art and creativity, as it can positively impact their academic, social, and emotional development.

With a wide range of possibilities, march can be a perfect time to spark children’s artistic interests and create memorable and meaningful experiences that can last a lifetime.

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